Friday, September 28, 2007

Baby Big Grin

Tired and exchausted, take one from baby big grin!


Jay Cam said...

lol babies always seem sooooo happy!i wonder what their secret is..

Olive Duster said...

I think I may have accidentally fallen in love with your blog. I'm so sorry.

kab625 said...

I got a chance to smell a freshly bathed baby yesterday. It's just what I needed. Have you ever smelled anything so sweet as a baby's breath?

She's two months old..Eva Italia...just beautiful

Dan Hanosh said...


That's so precious . . . Keep the memories they grow so fast. Dreams are yours to share. Dan H.

Dan Hanosh

Dreams Are Yours To Share

iriegal said...

I just love the pictures on you blog. I love babies.Such cute pictures

Magdalen Islands said...

Such precious children.